Managing Company

Megapolis Group

Trade and Industrial Company

TPK DM Textile

The company is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Russia and is ranked first among the country’s terry manufacturers

Manufacturer of BOPP film


Modern manufacturer of biaxially-oriented polypropylene film (BOPP)

Shakhty Gas Turbine Power Plant


ShGTPP is one of the largest power facilities of the Southern Federal District of Russia

Fuel Company

Etalon MK

Etalon MK holds a leading position in oil product sales in the South of Russia

About Megapolis Group

Megapolis Group Holding is a stable and developing diversified business that has been successfully operating in the market since 1993.

About the Company
Megapolis Group is managing assets in various sectors of the economy; light industry (DM Textile Trade and Industrial Company), chemical industry (Waterfall), fuel and energy complex (Shakhty Gas Turbine Plant and Etalon MK).
The company’s outstanding team of professionals embraces advanced technologies and the cutting-edge equipment, cooperating with highly skilled experts and advisors. All companies owned by the holding are regular participants in various charity programs and social initiatives.
Megapolis Group’s corporate managements system aims at developing and maintaining reliable and trusting relationship with investors community. The company established itself as a reliable and forward-looking business partner. Consistent performance, successfully implemented projects and commitment to dialogue serve the basis for attracting world’s leading companies to work on joint large-scale investment projects.
Company’s Future
Megapolis Group is committed to searching for the new directions and activities, while maintaining high profitability and stability of its business. Effective enterprises of the holding company its good business reputation and effective management contribute to the company’s leading positions in the market. Creativity coupled with expertise and high ambitions are the basis for development of an attractive business attractive from the point of view of investors and for Megapolis Group’s capitalization development and growth.

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Waterfall and SOCAR Polymer Companies Have Signed Memorandum of Partnership
4 March 2020
A Memorandum of partnership between Waterfall (Russia) and SOCAR Polymer (Azerbaijan) have been signed within the business forum “Azerbaijan-Rostov Region Development of Trade, Economic, Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation”.
Waterfall company introduced a new format of business communications to the partners
9 October 2019
Waterfall company intends to develop effective and modern online communications with its partners,. During the business session, Waterfall specialists presented the developed B2B platform, which allows to atomize business processes of interacting with customers all the way through. The B2B system will make it possible to place an order quickly, track the progress of its implementation and receive up-to-date analytical information 24/7.
SOCAR Polymer – a new perspective partner of Waterfall company
27 September 2019
Waterfall plant was visited by the experts of SOCAR Polymer, which is the first public-private partnership project in the oil and gas sector of Azerbaijan.