Shakhty Gas Turbine Power Plant

Generating heat and electricity

Shakhty Gas Turbine Power Plant is of the largest power facilities in the South of Russia.

Shakhty GTTP is of the largest power facilities in the South of Russia with 90 yearts of tradition. Under the management of Megapolis Group it has become a modern innovative cogenerating facility. Its electric capacity reaches 100 MWt, heating capacity reaches 100 Gcal-hr.
In 2010 Shakhty Gas Turbine Power Plant was registered at Russia’s Wholesale market for electricity and power, in 2014 it received a status of a common heating supplier in its area. The generated heat is supplied to the population and budget organizations, the generated electrical power goes to the Wholesale market for electricity and power. The plant’s reserve capacity makes it possible both to meet the demand of the existing consumers and participate in the development of the region’s public infrastructure.


State Commission for Electrification of Russia (GOELRO) makes a decision to construct a power station in the South of Russia aiming at strengthening the region’s electric power base.
The launch of the Shakhty Regional Power Station (Shakhty GRES), the first in the North Caucasus and the second in the USSR (after Shter GRES) operating on anthracite culm in a dust-like state.
Completion of Shakhty GRES full renovation, which largely contributed to economic recovery and development of the North Caucasus.
Due to technological and physical obsolescence the production started operating as a boiler house. With no investments attracted, the Shakhty Power-and-heating Plant stopped its steady heat supply for consumers.
Megapolis Group Holding Company comes in as the company’s investor. Shakhty Gas-turbine Station is established based on Shakhty Power-and-heating Plant.
The second reconstruction stage is completed. The enterprise’s generating capacity reaches 100 MWt., its heating capacity reaches Gcal/h.

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