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Congratulations on the Day of the Worker of the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry May, 26, 2017

Dear Colleagues! I heartily congratulate you on your professional holiday of the chemical and petrochemical industry workers - Chemist"s Day!

Without this important branch is impossible to imagine the modern domestic economy and, of course, those, who have chosen this profession for themselves, will never regret their choice.

Large-scale projects of the company Waterfall, which have already entered into an active phase of realization, serve as a powerful impulse for the development of the entire chemical industry in the country. The key to the success of our young enterprise is not only unique innovative equipment, but, above all, the team"s work - your professionalism, responsibility and novelty.

I thank you for the wonderful start of our activity and excellent work, dear colleagues! I wish you success in your work, new discoveries, a firm belief in your strengths and capabilities! Health, happiness and prosperity to you and your loved ones! With our first professional holiday!

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